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9 Insanely Useful Pro Tips That "Hack My Life" Will Teach You

Wanna learn how to make a homemade AC with stuff from your garage? Check out the premiere of truTV's new series Hack My Life, here, for that and much more!

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1. Can't find any cold beer at a party?


Cool down those cans by adding salt to ice water.

2. Need another beverage but want to stay on your pool raft?


All you need is plastic twine, a bin, and quartered pool noodles.

3. Are your tall boots getting creases in them from slumping over?


Make sure they always stand up by cutting another pool noodle in half and placing it in your boots.

4. Still need to feed 15 more people at a BBQ, but you're out of charcoal?


Grab a bag of chips!

5. Do you always get blisters when you hike?


Just stuff some ferns into your shoe.

6. Gotta go and you're not sure if that leaf is poison ivy?


Sandwich the fresh leaf with dry leaves to provide a barrier.

7. Got a nasty bee sting but no antihistamines?


Add toothpaste to soothe the bite.

8. Can't sleep because your dang AC broke?


Go to your garage and make your own AC.

9. And, most concerning... no wine opener to open that beautiful Bordeaux?


All you need is a nail and a hammer. VoilĂ !

Tune into the new series Hack My Life, on Jan. 6 on truTV at 10:30/9:30 CST.

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