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10 Of The Best Pranks Caught On Vine

These pranksters are the cream of the crop. Just don't get on their bad sides. For more glorious troublemaking, check out Impractical Jokers on truTV!

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1. The "Hot-Shot" Prank

Moses Alexander / Via

2. The "Giving Spirit" Prank

Marc Poulton / Via

3. The "Rise 'n' Shine" Prank

Judah Smith / Via

4. The "Film Major" Prank

Jacob Carr / Via

5. The "It's Alive!" Prank

BarkleyThePom / Via

6. The "Trick or... Trick" Prank

Ashleigh Anne Brown / Via

7. The "Invisible Door" Prank

Jaden Tardie / Via

8. The "Vacuum Idol" Prank

kkam / Via

9. The "Cap of Water" Prank

Brittany Ferry / Via

10. The "Rising to the Top" Prank

Brittney Ryb / Via

Because, let's face it, you're an expert now!