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What Your Truly Flavor Says About Your Fall 2020 Personality

16 flavors. What’s your perfect match?

Yes, summer is coming to a close but that doesn't mean you can't still unwind with a refreshing beverage. Truly Hard Seltzer has 16 delicious fruit flavors to try in the new season, and here's what each one says about your fall personality!

1. Original Lemonade: You just can't let go of summer, and that's okay. Even in the fall you've been known to slide into your flip-flops. You're a bright soul and you always bring the light, even when the sun is going down.

2. Strawberry Lemonade: If you could have it your way, it'd be spring 365 days a year. But since you can't control the weather, you roll with it and do things like taking bike rides in the brisk, autumn air to stay full of life!

3. Mango Lemonade: If anyone needs you, you're most likely somewhere surrounded by heat lamps and good vibes. The temperature may drop, but your spirits never do.

4. Black Cherry Lemonade: You prepare for the leaves turning and the cool, crisp air every year. You live it up in the summer, and you're ready to relax and focus in the fall. You're such a well-balanced adult.

5. Wild Berry: Wild, free, and sweet — That's you! Rolling in the leaves and layering yourself with all the knit scarves, you gleefully welcome the fall and all its changes.

6. Blueberry & Acai: Fall is where you SHINE! You take no shame in flooding people's timelines with pics of freshly baked muffins in your perfectly manicured hands or side profiles with crunchy leaves turned hair accessories.

7. Raspberry Lime: You have a zest for life and you look at fall as an opportunity to shed some old habits and evolve as the seasons do. You're decluttering, detoxing, and getting ready for whatever lies ahead.

8. Black Cherry: You like fall, but you love winter! You're excited about the season but only because you know it'll eventually lead to snowfall and hot cocoa.

9. Lime: Every fall, you're known to state the obvious, like "It's not so cold now, but just you wait!" and "It's getting dark so early now." Fall makes you a little bit bitter, but it never stops you from partaking in the fun. Pumpkin picking, anyone?

10. Grapefruit: A temperature drop never stopped you from serving a bold look. If anything, you bring it even harder because you love layers! Whether giving us beauty or fashion, or both, you're quite the head-turner in fall.

11. Orange: You like fall for the same reasons you like spring. Everything is just right: It's a happy medium between hot and cold. You're genuinely delighted by the simple things, like fall-inspired flavors of baked goods.

12. Pineapple: In the fall, you're very much a "just go with it" type of personality. Is it your favorite season? No! Are you aware you can't do anything about it? Yes! So you relax and indulge in things that make the season sweeter, like Pineapple Truly.

13. Lemon: You actually don't mind the long as you're indoors. Maybe you'll make a rare appearance at the beginning of the season before the air gets too cool, but the second the wind picks up, you can be found on the couch bingeing your favorite TV shows.

14. Watermelon & Kiwi: You want no parts of fall, and you're quite passionate about it. There's not a pie or candle that could make you feel any different. If it wasn't for social distancing, you would've booked a trip to somewhere tropical to escape the so-called crisp air.

15. Mango: You appreciate the beauty of fall: the fading green and blends of red, orange, and yellow. You love nature and although it's not as warm as you'd like, you think fall is by far the prettiest season.

16. Passion Fruit: You're the person who's always making a new cobbler or jam when the leaves start falling. You love a good fruit, no matter how it's served, so you morph into a bit of a baker extraordinaire in the fall.

Tell us below which Truly Hard Seltzer flavors you'll be sipping on this fall!

Images courtesy of Truly.