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Want A Change This Summer? Truly's New Lemonade Flavors Add Some Much-Needed Zest To 2020

Truly's got you covered this summer!

Every summertime has its own feel.

There was the year your out-of-town cousin came to visit, and you realized they weren't as bad as you thought they were.

And, of course, how could we forget the summertime fling from a while back that was supposed to be "the one," but for whatever reason never made it past September?

While this year's summer isn't quite what we planned for, that doesn't mean it has to be any less epic. Truly's four delicious new lemonade flavors are here to help you enjoy those summer nights, but in a stay-at-home, 2020 type of way.

There's the tropical Truly Mango Lemonade, perfect for anyone missing that beach breeze.

The bright, sweet Truly Strawberry Lemonade to refresh your socially distant hangouts.

A slightly sweet, slightly sour Truly Black Cherry Lemonade to liven up those video chats.

And the all-reliable Truly Original Lemonade for those who are just looking to unwind after a busy work week.

While we're super excited for these tasty new half lemonade, half seltzer beverages, don't sleep on Truly's original flavors — which offer the perfect summer refreshment.

Check out their new Lemonade mix pack at your local stores, and lean on Truly to make this socially distant summer your most memorable one yet.