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For anyone who doesn't know what anxiety is

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In my own words, Anxiety is a feeling of being stressed out and nervous at the same time for no important reason.

I've learnt that it can be my mind's way of making me alert for any event or it's consequences but my mind does so by crippling me with fear of what might happen in the future and fear of aspects that I can't control.

It happens to me often , before I have to go out with friends or before school.

At first, I thought it was just nerves. but then I realized what it was by reading about other people who had anxiety and their similar symptoms.

My anxiety isn't extreme, but some people have to depend on pills to get through the day.

People like me keep dwelling on why this happens to us.

My anxiety makes me worry about the ones I love. If they are safe. And how would I live if I see someone innocent being hurt.

Depression is also linked to anxiety where most people who are depressed can't focus on what actually is happening in their lives. I keep trying to understand why I exist or what actually is my worth . Will I ever be good enough?

Depression can demotivate a person.

It takes a long time to get your self esteem back

It is definitely important to read about experiences if other people to understand your own and what you are going through.

To know that you are not alone.

And to definitely seek medical advice if what you are experiencing can't be controlled.

To all the people experiencing this.Hang in there!

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