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Which FHS Thespian ICON Are You?

Find out which iconic member of FHS Troupe 717 you are.

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  1. What is your black clothing article of choice?

    Clicky-clacky booties
    Juicy Track-suit
    Adidas Superstars
    Plain tee
  2. Which Glee character are you?

    Rachel Berry
    Will Schuster
    Quinn Fabray
    Mercedes Jones
    Candy Dystra
    Santana Lopez
    Jesse St. James
  3. What is your favorite saying/catchphrase?

    Shut the flucc your mouth
    *evil laugh* / no erin
    Goddamn it!
    *sings* Oh hell NOOOoooooOOOooo
    Okay, let's calm down here.
    What. The hell.
  4. What is your dream role?

    Elle Woods - Legally Blonde the Musical
    Frank Butler - Annie Get Your Gun
    Sampson - Romeo and Juliet
    Saturday Night Live cast member
    Marilyn Monroe - BOMBSHELL the Musical
    Mary Poppins - Mary Poppins the Musical
    Cathy - Last Five Years
    Elder Price - Book of Mormon
  5. Pick your drink of choice

    Coors Light
    Shirley Temple
    Cherry Coke
    Raspberry Svedka
    Your own cocktail
  6. Which member of the Obama Administration would you be?

    President Obama
    Joe Biden
    Michelle Obama
    Jill Biden
    Bo Obama
    Secretary Clinton
    Sunny Obama
    Bernie Sanders
  7. What are you most likely to be found doing on a Saturday night?

    Prepping for an upcoming audition
    Listening to Frank Sinatra
    Making Trillers
    Hanging in the Mylius game room
    Washing your hair for the week and doing a hair mask
    In bed by 11.
  8. What FHS teacher do you best align with?

    Mr. Norberg
    Mr. Rosenaur
    Mrs. Highers
    Mr. Magre
    Mrs. Wortham/Johnson
    Mr. Cooperescue
    Mrs. Zeagler
    Mr. Strayhorn
  9. Where can we find you during A&E?

    Antha Johnson's room
    Mr. Cooperescue's room
    Running around trying to make all your club meetings
    Skating the halls
    With Pete Pete (Peter)
    Choir room
  10. Favorite Celebrity

    Lin-Manuel Miranda
    Jack Black
    Kristen Wiig
    Emma Watson
    Jennifer Aniston
    Marilyn Monroe
    Natalie Portman

Which FHS Thespian ICON Are You?

You got: Pierce

You are the FHS sex icon! You LOVE the spotlight and are the ultimate DIVA who knows you deserve it all. You take pleasure in DRAGGING anyone and everyone. Be prepared to be cast as the bad boy with a heart of gold. And that's the TEA.

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You got: Emma

FHS drama's own personal Miss America. Your talents include baby noises, a slept on sense of humor, and karaoking everyone into the ground. Queen of no makeup and getting the leads you DESERVE.

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You got: Mary Larkin

You're FHS' very own Broadway BELTER. Be prepared to be cast as a mom in EVERY show you audition for, yet you will upstage the leads. You KNOW the stage and you will correct anyone and everyone who DOESN'T. You will easily get annoyed by people's inexperience. You have a heart of gold and are always willing to help those who are falling a little flat and need your magic.

Mary Larkin
Mary Larkin.
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You got: Lucy

You are the Rachel Berry of FHS Thespians, though you may deny it (that's the TEA). You know the cast list a year in advance and the next year's season a decade in advance. You know all the ins and outs of the theatre world and lowkey drag all your fellow STO members even though you're on the same playing field. You could easily date any man of your choice; however, your MySpace schedule keeps you WAY too busy to date. You will soon tap and gran j'te your way to Broadway!

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You got: Erin

You are the clown of the troupe. Literally. You can always expect to be typecast as the old lady or the clown. BUT you always do with a great attitude, and bring great spunk to the role. You are constantly coming up with new inside jokes for the troupe and dance moves. Your downfall; however, is you are slightly gullible. You are the most supportive member of the troupe and we could not get along without you.

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You got: Peter

You are the QUEEN of stand-up comedy. You always have a voice in your back pocket. You give the best hugs and refer to everyone as, "dear". You may be new to the troupe, but that does not stop you from being one of the greatest icons.

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You got: Thomas

You are the PRETTY BOI of FHS theatre; however, some squats wouldn't kill ya. You play the same character every time! You never take a selfie looking directly into the camera and have the most popping finsta of the troupe. Your talents will lead you to inherit Troupe 717.

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You got: Yanda

You skateboard into the PAC or Blackbox every morning. Late. Your favorite acronym is YSL. Word of choice : Chode. You astound everyone with your theatre abilities, no one thought you would make it this far! Congrats.

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