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This Is Actually How You Have Shower Sex

For those who want to get a bit dirty while getting clean. Trojan Riviera Lubricant is perfect for making those sexy shower times hot and steamy.

OK, so shower sex seems hot and all. But most of us have tried it, and it just ended up like this:

If done right, though, shower sex can be an incredibly intimate experience. Here are some essentials that might help you get it right next time...

Shower mats are a shower must.

Shower rails are also essential.

Consider rockin' water shoes for extra shower traction.

You'd be a fool not to use a shower stool.

Watch the heat. (The water temperature, that is — not the actual sex.)

But also make sure you keep on rotating so you both get to share the water stream equally.

Now that we have some basics out of the way, let's get down and dirty.

Shower sex is the perfect time for sensual foreplay.

For the actual sex part, try having both of you face the same direction.

Another way is by facing each other and having one of you lean against the shower wall behind you.

The most important thing: Use lube. Specifically, a silicone-based lubricant.

Above all else, take it slow and be safe!

Good luck.

Remember that whole thing about using shower sex–friendly lube? For the best experience, try Trojan Riviera Lubricant.