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This Is Actually How You Have Shower Sex

For those who want to get a bit dirty while getting clean. Trojan Riviera Lubricant is perfect for making those sexy shower times hot and steamy.

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Consider rockin' water shoes for extra shower traction.

Virginia State Parks (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: vastateparksstaff

Sure, they're not stylish, but like the shower mat, they'll keep you from slipping when you start busting out the acrobatics.

For the actual sex part, try having both of you face the same direction.


The person in front will have to bend their legs, especially if they are shorter to make this work, but they'll also be able to rest their hands on the wall in front of them for support. The person behind will have to squat and bend a little to accommodate the person in front.

Another way is by facing each other and having one of you lean against the shower wall behind you.


This way, the person against the wall will be supported. They can also lift their leg up to make the angle easier for the standing person, and the standing person can hold that leg up if the wall-leaner gets tired. Remember that stool we talked about earlier? It would come in handy here.

Above all else, take it slow and be safe!


Shower sex can be dangerous if you aren't careful. When trying any of the above or even experimenting on your own, make sure you take it slow and feel comfortable at every step.

Remember that whole thing about using shower sex–friendly lube? For the best experience, try Trojan Riviera Lubricant.