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13 Fun Intimate Ways To Become Relationship Goals In 2018

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1. Book a hotel room or find someplace else where noise is not an issue.

2. Make a playlist that really sets the mood.

3. Play a sexy version of your favourite game.

4. Say "bone appétit" with some chocolate, oysters, or any other tantalizing treat.

5. One word: roleplay. Wait, two words: role play.

6. Buy some nice champagne and learn how to open it without breaking anything.

7. Turn your phones off.

8. Make some love coupons that expire on New Year’s Day.

9. Put the throw in throw pillow and get those decorative bad boys on the floor.

10. Break out some toys.

11. Hop in the shower together.

12. Talk about what you want and, more importantly, what your partner wants in an intimate experience.

13. Have fun with your partner!

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