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Ways To Discover The Best “Food Place Near Me”

I am sure you all have a favorite restaurant you frequent whenever you are into good food, a nice atmosphere, and a few laughs.

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However, you can’t be sure it is the BEST food place nearby you can find. In fact, curiosity is the mother of all knowledge, the one of finding great food place near me restaurants included. For that reason, here are a few tips and tricks on how to search for new and exciting places that will surely be of great help next time you are in for something different yet great.

Search for “Food Place Near Me” Online

What better way to find a new “food place near me” than from the convenience of your home? There are many websites that will give you some helpful insights into restaurants and what they offer, but the one I love the most is They make life so simple, you can choose from any of their categories – from breakfast food place near me to fast food places near me, to fancy food places near me. It is as simple as ABC:

*you see their review (which usually includes what the restaurants offer in terms of food and atmosphere)

*you choose the one that seems the best,

*you get the address and next thing you know you are headed to a food place nearby that might become your new favorite.

Stretch Your Legs and Find the Best Food Place Near me

Not the best choice if you are a couch potato, but even so, it is good walking around from time to time . In fact, you might be surprised at how fun it can be walking around and not simply following that well-memorized route to the favorite food place near me. When you let yourself go and start wandering around new places will start appearing right away. There might be a few bumps on the way, but a few lousy dishes after, you will be enjoying a bite from a restaurant you didn’t even know existed.

Don’t Swim Against the Tide

Usually, in life, you should swim against the tide if you want to leave a mark, but if you want to find a good place to eat food, then this is unacceptable. Wherever there is a crowd, there is some good food, this is 100 % true. But do note though, that oftentimes appearances can be deceiving. There is a great chance all the crowds are in fact comprised of tourists who went in for no reason at all, and they don’t really know what they are getting into. This, in turn, leads us to the next tip you ought to follow.

Clothes Matter When It Comes to Finding a Great “Food Place Near Me”

If you see people dressed in casual clothes or work clothes, these are probably local people, and who better to tell whether a food place nearby is good or not than local folks? Take it from your personal experience. I for one, won’t go to a food place near me if all I get there is overpriced food and unpleasant servers, be that food place a step from my house. A good meal (like other good things) is worth going the extra mile. As for the clothes, be careful not to confuse the local causal with the tourist casual. A thing not so difficult to spot, since tourists are always dressed somewhat different than locals.

How to find the Best Food Place Near Me When You Are Abroad

Well, the tactics are the same, you either consult the internet or a mobile app, or you just go out and wander around. But asking locals: cops and cabbies being your best bet, might be the most useful tip I could give you. Why? Well, they are always out and about and know everything that’s going on in their town or city, including the best places you can get food from. If you are one of those people who think one cannot be too cautious when it comes to socializing, then you can consult a guidebook, or as I have previously mentioned, the internet. You can also be on the lookout for some signs that show what’s the daily menu and what are the daily food deals at a specific restaurant.

A Good Food Place Near Me is Hard to Find

Here’s a short story: I came back from work one day and was so hungry I could eat an elephant, and as luck would have it, I didn’t have anything premade nor the ingredients to fix a quick meal. To be honest, I was so exhausted I couldn’t even unlace my shoes, let alone cook. So, I did the logical thing and went out. There is one restaurant that fits the definition of food place near me perfectly well, but as I later discovered, the definition of a good food place near me was definitely not applicable. Not only did I wait for my food to come out for nearly an hour, the waitress was pretty unpleasant and even dared to ask me whether I’d be eating alone. I was so hungry though, that I decided to still wait, and what did I get: a well-done steak, when I specifically ordered medium rare and a side dish that looked so uninviting I didn’t even dare to try. All in all, I learned my lesson: I am never to assume that a food place near me equals a good food place near me.

To sum up, doing your research is of great importance when looking for a great “food place near me”. Had I seen the online reviews of the restaurant I am talking about above, I wouldn’t have ended up hungry and miserable on the day when good food was all I needed. I will refrain myself from sharing the name of the restaurant just because it doesn’t exist anymore (I guess I wasn’t the only unsatisfied customer) and what’s the use of talking about the past. Let bygones be bygones .

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