• trishag3

      Here’s a crazy idea. I don’t think Niki didn’t win because she’s black. And I don’t think Taylor won because she’s white. God, shit like this makes me honestly afraid to even talk to people. And the fact that you MUST have an opinion is even more annoying. What IF, IFFF she just didn’t win because Taylor’s more popular. And what IF, IFFF she is more popular for her MUSIC (JUST her music). Here me out… Maybe people relate more to Taylor’s music rather than Nikki’s. —— > OMG it is because Taylor’s WHITE! STOP<—— because most of her music is … RELATABLE. White people and black people are capable of relating to the emotions and situations that Taylor sings of. Meanwhile, I am damn sure that I cannot relate to anything Nikki is talking about in her video. Therefore, I simply like Taylor’s video better. Is that a white thing? Nope, because my black friends can’t either!! Isn’t it crazy? Actually, I checked, and none of them go around talking about big dicks nor do they call them anacondas. Who woulda thought. But I DO know that ALL of my friends can relate to the concept of bad blood. (Oh, and heartache, and being 22, and even blank space. But those aren’t the videos in question). Could it be that Taylor’s video is more relate-able and thus this video is just better liked? (WAIT, my black friends must be “white” black…..Not the REAL black. Those don’t count…) UGH

    • trishag3

      You gave “strapless” a REALLY bad name with this post. Strapless doesn’t mean you have to go eccentric. You can have your classical gown and still have straps. These are really, just ugly and they seem to be trying way to hard to appeal to new age gowns. My dress had straps and it still looked like a wedding gown. Not sure what your aim was here. (Also, not saying that non classical gowns aren’t beautiful, but if that was the aim of this post, then these don’t do them justice either!).

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