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11 Highly Important Facts About Selfies Everyone Should Know

Time to educate your self(ie).

1. The first Instagram photo hashtagged #selfie was uploaded on January 16, 2011...

2. ...but the first-ever selfie was painted in 1524...

Heritage Images / Getty Images

This painting by Parmigianino, “Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror," is widely considered the first selfie. The name of the filter he used? Oil. 🎨

3. ... and Robert Cornelius took the first photo selfie in 1839. 📷

Robert Cornelius / Getty Images

On the back of the photo he wrote "The first light Picture ever taken. 1839." How's that for a #first?

4. Makati City in the Philippines is the selfiest city on Earth.


They have 258 selfie takers per 100,000 people. New York came in second with 202 per 100k. Read about the methodology here.

5. Buzz Aldrin took the selfie to bold new places.

6. The selfie stick was patented in 1985...

Rich Legg / Getty Images

Two Japanese inventors, Yujiro Mima and Hiroshi Ueda, designed a telescope device to support a compact camera. It's unclear whether they realized the power and darkness they had released on the world.

7. ...but a photo from 1925 shows the first known instance of a selfie-stick-like device.

The world's first Selfie? My grandad and fiancee in 1924 use Box Brownie, tripod and a long stick to take a 'selfie'!

It depicts a wedding photo taken by a camera strapped to a walking cane. "Back in the olden days, we made our OWN selfie sticks!"

8. Of five major cities analyzed, Moscow had the greatest disparity of selfies posted by men versus women.


In the four other cities — Bangkok, Berlin, New York, and Sao Paolo — there was a significantly higher amount of female than male selfies, but Moscow took the cake with a whopping "4.6 times more female than male selfies." In mother Russia, selfie take you.

9. But London has the smallest proportion of faces showing happy emotions.

Frontispiece to Oscar Wilde's “The Picture of Dorian Gray," Eugene Dété (engraver, d. 1922) after Paul Thiriat (fl. c. 1900–1918) / Via

Cheer up, London.

10. Your favorite selfie pose can reveal your personality traits.

11. But don't feel too self-absorbed. At the end of the day, only an estimated 3–5% of photos posted online are selfies.


See, we're not THAT narcissistic. Cats comprised a shocking 63% of images on the internet, however...

(Just kidding!)

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