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13 Things That Can Go Wrong Before 10 AM

One little thing can throw your entire morning off. Start your morning off right by making sure that you never forget the essentials by adding Phone, Keys, Gum to your daily routine.

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1. You wake up only to realize that your alarm never went off.

MyFrndRoss / Via Twitter: @Ross_Lippy

2. And you don't know if anyone tried to call and wake you because your phone charger broke.

3. You go to brush your teeth but someone left the cap off the toothpaste and didn't roll it properly because they were raised by animals and have no soul.

_simplygorjess / Via

4. You're about to take a shower but SOMEONE used up all the hot water...


5. You make a cup of coffee only to realize that you used baking soda instead of sugar.


6. So you go to the coffee shop, where you're a regular, and the barista still can't spell your name.

johnnydans / Via Twitter: @johnnydans

7. You're about to get back in your car when you notice that you've locked yourself out.

Trident / Via

8. You call for a spare but by the time they get there your car has been sitting in the sun long enough to turn into a torture chamber.

ashbrownx09 / Via

9. At least your coffee has had plenty of time to cool off. You go to take a sip of your drink when...


10. You try to freshen up by reaching for a piece of gum but you've already used the last piece.

Omri_Rawrlan / Via Twitter: @Omri_Rawrlan

11. So you go to the vending machine but the satanic contraption won't accept your perfectly fine dollar bill.

Mike Wheless / Via

12. So you put in a bigger bill and the machine gives you change in this funny money.

AndrewNovotny95 / Via Twitter: @AndrewNovotny95

13. You're ready to call it a day when you realize that it's not even 10 AM yet.

Bad days are bound to happen. But you can avoid a few of these disasters by adding Phone, Keys, Gum to your routine.

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