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"Trial & Error" Is The New Comedy "Parks & Rec" Fans Have Been Waiting For

Go ahead and treat yo'self!

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Check out this trailer for the new series:

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The show takes place in a small rural town in South Carolina that could easily be the sister city of Pawnee, Indiana.

"But do they have a Rent-A-Swag in East Peck?" —Someone asking the important questions

It follows an awesomely funny lead character, Josh, who will probably remind you of some of your favorite Pawneeans.

It's also shot in that familiar P&R mockumentary style that you know and love.

It also features Dwyer-esque levels of physical comedy to keep you in stitches...

...and if you're missing your weekly dose of Champion, you're in luck! Trial & Error has its own adorable pupper named Shakespeare!

So grab some waffles and put your Cones of Dunshire board aside, because Trial & Error is about to be your new favorite comedy series!

All images provided courtesy of NBC.

Don't miss the premiere of Trial & Error on Tuesday, March 14, at 10/9c on NBC.

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