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    22 Small Kitchen Appliances You'll Actually Want To Use

    Don't let their cute faces fool you.

    1. Prepare epic egg dishes and other creations your family will love with an adorable mini griddle.

    2. Warm up a mini slow cooker to make small portions just for yourself or give your breakfast routine a major upgrade.

    3. Make your smoothie to-go with a single-serving blender that includes a convenient travel lid.

    4. Transform your kitchen into the bakery of your dreams with a sweet mini cake pop maker or donut maker.

    5. Get your water boiling quicker than ever when you place it inside a sleek electric kettle.

    6. Struggle with a fussy bag of kernels no more by snagging an amazing hot air popper.

    7. Chop and grind up food in style using a pretty mini food processor that includes a spacious three-cup bowl.

    8. Bring your grilling indoors with a versatile three-in-one super pot — which includes a grill plate and built-in pouring spout.

    9. Ditch your store-bought juices for the real deal by making a drip-free juicer your main squeeze.

    10. Pick up an electric wine bottle opener to avoid the headache of a broken cork.

    11. Add a countertop steamer to your kitchen crew for a healthier way to cook and reheat your food.

    12. Mix up some tasty meals for your smallest family member with a Magic Bullet Baby Care System — which you can use to quickly make and store baby food.

    13. Keep your grilling portions just right while cooking some delicious meals on a timeless George Foreman plate grill.

    14. Make sure your wine bottles are forever chill with a lovely wine fridge.

    15. Add an extra burner to your busy kitchen by making room for a ceramic infrared hot plate.

    16. Become a cooking champ with a five-in-one griddle you can use to make paninis and waffles...and even grill meat!

    17. Take double-tasking to new levels with a rice cooker that includes a convenient steam tray.

    18. Get pressed over a soft-serve maker to create your own tasty deserts with frozen fruits, fresh berries, and even bananas.

    19. Let your love of bread be known — at least in your kitchen — with a two-pound bread maker that includes a setting to make gluten-free loaves.

    20. Drop a few dollars on a Ninja Master Prep so you can mince, dice, blend, and puree like a boss.

    21. Show your sweet tooth some serious attention with a gummy candy maker that makes tasty bears, worms, and fish.