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    17 Tips That’ll Help You Become More Productive (Really!)

    Wasting time is so damn easy; these things will help you stop.

    1. Add a set of tabbed sticky notes to your agenda or journal that can be used as dividers or for keeping your to-do list.

    2. Set an alarm clock on your dresser or nightstand so you can easily keep up with the time and avoid running behind.

    3. Slide on a pair of noise-canceling headphones to prevent any outside sounds from distracting you from getting your work done.

    4. Archive or delete any emails you no longer need and set up a system to keep your inbox in order.

    5. Organize your tasks and keep track of your goals in a Simple Elephant Agenda — because we know that pile of sticky notes is getting out of control.

    6. Snag a pack of affirmation cards you can read each morning to motivate yourself to stick to goals you’ve set.

    7. Give the Carrot talking productivity app a try, which will give you some choice words if you fail to complete your planned tasks.

    8. Pick up a simple to-do list pad you can use daily or weekly to identify and prioritize everything you need to accomplish.

    9. Stop multitasking! Instead, give yourself one major task to get done and move on to the next once it's complete.

    10. Open a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for some major motivation to get your home back in order — which will definitely help you live a better life.

    11. Grab a pretty set of fine-tip Sharpie art pens so you can code tasks by importance in your agenda or while making your to-do list.

    12. Update your Google Calendar with all your tasks for each week to easily identify free blocks of time in your schedule — which will make planning your schedule for the day so much easier.

    13. Track all the tasks you’ve actually completed with a colorful set of chisel-tip highlighters.

    14. Create a morning routine — like journaling or meditating when you first wake up — to start your day off with a clear and motivated mind.

    15. Download a time-management app — like Timely or RescueOnline — to keep track of how you use your days.

    16. Wear the same thing every day to reduce the amount of time and energy you put into figuring out your outfits for the day.

    17. And finally, please get a quality night’s sleep, seeing that fatigue will seriously lessen your productivity.

    Now get out there and live your best life.

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