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    17 Awesome Products That'll Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch

    Because your Nintendo Switch deserves the world.

    1. A dope set of steering wheel controllers to make you the unstoppable champion of Mario Kart — and every other racing game that exists.

    2. A pair of tempered-glass screen protectors in case your precious system decides to test gravity like a Tetris block.

    3. A colorful LED keyboard you can use to easily put fun messages over screenshots you take of your games — because typing with the Joy-Con sticks can be a pain.

    4. A waterproof hardshell carrying case to hold your console, memory cards, and even your phone — because we know you won’t be answering calls during game time.

    5. A foldable playstand so you can charge your system without interrupting a minute of your favorite game.

    6. A handy network adapter to prevent a weak internet connection from slowing down your Minecraft adventures.

    7. A lightweight anti-scratch hard-back case you can count on to keep your Switch looking like perfection.

    8. A headrest mount to keep your kids occupied — and hopefully quiet — on your next road trip.

    9. A comfortable pair of wireless bluetooth headphones, so you can finally end that battle with your earbud wires.

    10. A spacious travel bag to make sure your Switch is safe and secure during your next getaway.

    11. Or a super stylish travel backpack so you can tote your switch around every damn day.

    12. A portable charging bank to give your Switch an extra dose of power when it seems it may have reached its end — a gaming crisis we all want to avoid.

    13. A set of silicone Joy-Con controller covers to make sure your buttons, thumb sticks, and triggers never look raggedy.

    14. A sleek wall mount to store your beloved Switch in the coolest way possible.

    15. A tool kit that includes magnetized screwdrivers so you’ll never misplace one of those tiny screws again.

    16. An aluminum tripod stand for a handsome way to free up your hands while using your Switch at work or home.

    17. And an epic set of Zelda skins for your Switch and dock so you can remind everyone who’s the greatest Hylian of them all.

    Now back to game time.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.