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    21 Delicious Meal Kit Services That'll Make Cooking So Damn Easy

    No sous-chef required.

    1. Fill your fridge with three-step, one-pan gourmet Gobble meals that are already divided into perfect portions.

    2. Choose Hello Fresh for the option of 10 easy-to-make recipes you can pick from as you plan out your meals for the week.

    3. Live out your executive chef dreams with a Martha & Marley Spoon subscription that sends all you need to cook the recipes you choose from the Martha Stewart archives.

    4. Pick the exact meals you want each week with Home Chef, which offers 11 options personalized to fit your taste profile.

    5. Bring an organic touch to your baked treats with some tasty FoodStirs recipes.

    6. Spend quality time with your family preparing delectable dishes with Blue Apron, which partners with farmers to provide the fresh ingredients for your meals.

    7. Get all the gluten-free goodness by tapping into the Freshly menu packed with over 30 fully-prepared meals you can choose from each week.

    8. Take a grab at Plated for a rotating menu of 15 amazing dinners — and even desert options – you can combine to fit the size of any meal plan you choose.

    9. Stick to your healthy-eating goals with Veestro, a service that features plant-based meals made from organic ingredients.

    10. Make your blender a kitchen superstar with refreshing recipes from GreenBlender.

    11. Put your Paleo plans at the top of your priority list with Pete’s Paleo, which delivers fresh Paleo meals straight to your door.

    12. Completely revamp your eating habits with the delicious plant-based recipes from The Purple Carrot.

    13. Prepare to put your stove into overdrive with tasty Chef’d meal plans crafted by well known health and food brands like the American Diabetes Association and Atkins.

    14. Stack your family’s plates each month with 100% grass-fed beef from ButcherBox, which also delivers pasture-raised chicken and pork.

    15. Cook up an amazing meal for two or a family of four in just 30 minutes with Green Chef — including Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meal plans.

    16. Chop it up with Crateful to personalize your eating experience down to the theme of your meal plan and the days you want your food delivered.

    17. Enjoy protein-packed meals that are under 800 calories with Real Eats, which you can prepare with only a pot of boiling water.

    18. Spoil your pup with fresh The Farmers Dog meals customized by vets for a dining experience made for pup royalty.

    19. Discover some new food faves with PeachDish, a delivery service that’ll even let you order meals without a subscription

    20. Let healthy food options take over your plates with the organic and non-GMO ingredients found in Sun Basket meals.

    21. And spice up your life — and your weekly meal deliveries — with a subscription to Raw Spice Bar.