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    17 Inexpensive Products You Need For Your Vanity ASAP

    Even if your bathroom counter is your vanity, we've got ALL you need.

    1. A gleaming blender holder to air dry and store your sponges in the loveliest way.

    2. A rotating organizer for easy access to all your beauty products and accessories — without taking up hardly any counter space.

    3. A peel-and-stick LED light kit for an easy DIY project to brighten your makeup area with an illuminating glow.

    4. An organizer tote so you can easily carry your go-to beauty products from your bathroom counter to your room — or wherever the you decide to do your makeup.

    5. A set of cleaning mats that'll keep your makeup brushes clean and looking amazing.

    6. An over-the-cabinet hair tools holder to keep curling irons, dryers, and flat irons from cluttering your prep area.

    7. A bright LED magnifying mirror for a closeup view to help you slay your eye looks or apply your lashes with perfection.

    8. A wearable nail polish bottle holder so you can avoid getting rogue polish on your bathroom counter or vanity top.

    9. A simple palette organizer that'll save you from digging through your drawers to find your favorite palette.

    10. A collapsible makeup brush tower to air dry your brushes without ruining the bristles.

    11. A wavy three-part container for holding makeup brushes, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other beauty tools.

    12. A countertop hair accessories holder you can use to make your morning routine more manageable.

    13. A five-port USB charging dock that'll make sure the cords from your phone, tablet, and other devices don’t disturb your makeup magic.

    14. Or an adjustable aluminum stand to keep your phone charged and protected from drops — especially if you use your device to listen to music while doing your makeup.

    15. A magnetic Z Palette for finally putting individual eyeshadow pans in one place and prevent any broken shadow heartache.

    16. A darling two-tier tray to hold your accessories while you get ready — because no one feels like looking for a lost earring.

    17. And a three-pack of Windex wipes that'll clean your mirrored surfaces without worrying about sprays getting all over your beauty products.

    Now you’ll really be ready for your closeup.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.