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    Here’s What Brooklyn Decker Actually Has In Her Closet

    Get her fav looks for yourself with her new shopping and organization site, Finery.

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    The world is now one step closer to Clueless-closet reality with Finery, the new digital closet organization site launched by actress Brooklyn Decker.

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    The Grace & Frankie actress and her best friend, former CNN anchor Whitney Casey, launched the curation and shopping site March 23 to help fashion lovers regain control of their closets.

    “Whitney was like, 'There are management systems for your calendar, for your travel, for your finances. But there’s nothing for your wardrobe,'" Decker said in an interview with BuzzFeed. "We thought there has to be a way women can wear the things they love, manage their wardrobe, and still have time to do things more important to them.”

    The site lets users create a dynamic digital closet by ~safely~ collecting receipts from your email and automatically adding items to your online wardrobe.

    You can also add existing items using URLs or upload your own pics for things you didn't buy online. The site keeps track of return windows for new purchases and lets you plan outfits by combining items you own into collages.

    You can also create a universal wish list and get alerts when those items go on sale. (Read more about its budgeting benefits here.)

    In addition to personal closets, Finery has also launched a program that give users the chance to browse (and shop) the closets of influencers — including Decker's own fabulous online wardrobe.

    In an exclusive to BuzzFeed, Decker admits the influencer program wasn’t in the initial plans for the site, but an overload of requests from users pushed the Finery team to add the new feature — which also lets influencers include notes about the items. “Our users were emailing us directly saying they wanted to see the inside of influencers’ closets and how they are putting clothes together," she said.

    The inside looks give insight into the real and sometimes attainable brands that stars actually shop. "My favorite jeans are not a $300 pair of jeans. They’re from Madewell, and that’s what I like about going through these influencer wardrobes,” Decker said. “It is so personal. It’s not necessarily the coolest newest, most expensive brands. It’s what [these] women have tried and found successful over the years.”

    Following the release of this influencer program, Decker said a Finery Marketplace is the company's next big step.

    It will let users sell, trade, donate, or even allow third party vendors to bid on their items.

    And as the company continues its mission to make getting dressed easier than ever, they are remaining dedicated to using fashion to assist others in need. Decker said all affiliate link proceeds from purchases from influencers’ closets will be donated to Dress For Success organization — a non-profit that offers women professional attire and tools to encourage professional development.

    “We wanted to create a productivity tool for women, and we want to make their clothing work for them,” Decker said. “It makes women feel empowered to go out and kill it in a job interview. And if we can help facilitate that with Dress For Success, I think we’ve done a good job with our day.”

    Here are Brooklyn's favorite things from her own Finery closet:

    A vibrant tie-side bikini from Asos, so you can look like a star on vacation...or while filming your next Hollywood hit., Columbia Pictures / Via

    Why Brooklyn Loves It: “I wore that Asos bikini in Just Go With It. They brought in tons and tons of yellow bikinis. They wanted yellow because they thought it would pop, and that one was the one that worked the best. I think most women know when they go bikini shopping, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, as long as it fits you well.”

    Get it from Asos for $23. Available in sizes XS-L.

    A “dope-ass” Dolly Parton T-shirt to show off your adoration for the music legend.

    Why Brooklyn Loves It: “Dolly Parton is a hero. She’s a national treasure. And I feel like everyone should treasure her the way I do! The brand is called Understated Leather and they are based out of Austin — which is where I live. I’m all about supporting local Austinites. The designer has a family here and creates these beautiful leather jackets and really cool shirts. And that [Dolly T-shirt] is pretty bad-ass."

    Get it from Understated Clothing for $29 (sizes XS-L).

    A pair of Madewell denim overalls or jeans you will have no problem buying again and again.,

    Why Brooklyn Loves them: "I love my Madewell jeans. I have a lot of them. I’ve tried all the fancy brands and have a job where I get really cool stuff. But Madewell is my go-to."

    Get them from Madewell: Skinny overalls for $148 and wide-leg crop jeans for $128 (available in regular and tall)

    A minimal choker or fierce pair of shades from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Elizabeth and James line.,

    Why Brooklyn Loves It: I watched every Mary-Kate and Ashley’s ‘90s VHS that ever came out! I started wearing their Elizabeth and James brand many years ago. And then they did The Row, which has afforded them so many accolades. They were child actors doing Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. But now they are some of the best American designers around. They’re bad-asses, and they have incredible taste. And I love that they have two lines. Elizabeth and James is a little more accessible and younger and The Row is high-end and incredibly chic. They’re really trying to create something for everyone, which is really smart.

    Get them from Shopbop: Elizabeth and James choker for $28 and Elizabeth and James shades for $136.50.

    A show-stopping piece of statement jewelry — like a Dannijo choker or earrings — for the days you want your accessories to say it all.,

    Why Brooklyn Loves It: I don’t wear jewelry when I’m not working or going to an event because it usually gets in the way. So when I go out or get to dress up for a night out with my friends, I love wearing really funky, crazy statement jewelry. I think it’s because I don’t wear it on a daily basis that it feels super special to me. So that’s why when you see my closet, there are Jennifer Fisher cuffs or really bright Dannijo jewelry that cuffs the ear. I feel so understated everyday. So the jewelry I do have in my closet is a little quirky, offbeat, and tough.

    Get the Dannijo choker from Shopbop for $78 and the Dannijo earrings from Saks Off 5th for $97.50.

    A custom-made Peter Pilotto dress that you’ll hang in your closet “like a piece of artwork” — but only after you debut it at the Met Gala.

    Getty Images

    Why Brooklyn Loves It: "Peter Pilotto made my Met Ball dress for me a few years ago. it was a punk rock-themed year. The dress was so tight that I actually had to be sewn into it before I walked the carpet. I went alone. So at the end of the night, I had no one to actually break the stitching in the back of my dress. I had to literally rip myself from the dress without ruining the garment. And they ended up giving it to me because I had basically destroyed his dress. It’s a treasured piece because it took a lot of effort to put the thing on and take it off. But also because it’s such a beautiful, hand-beaded, ridiculously over the top dress that hangs in my closet like a piece of artwork."

    Get the dress NOWHERE because it's custom made.

    Check out more of Brooklyn's closet and start curating your own at Finery.

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