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    18 Things That'll Basically Transform Your Cubicle Into A Corner Office

    Because you already know you're a boss.

    1. A dope two-tier shelf for a chic place to sit your monitor and other items on your desk.

    2. A gorgeous flower-pattern desk organizer to add a trendy touch to your space.

    3. A luxurious set of gold ballpoint pens you won’t let anyone borrow (ever).

    4. A pretty magnetic photo frame so you can keep your loved ones — or favorite pup — close at all times.

    5. A luxurious glass terrarium to show off your green thumb in a very simple way — that luckily won’t hog all your desk space.

    6. A fabulous pair of metallic scissors so even snipping paper will be a luxurious task.

    7. A cozy office chair with a pillow headrest that’s the perfect replacement if your current seating is a bit ragged.

    8. A gorgeous set of desk vessels for pens, pencils, highlighters, or plants.

    9. A gorgeous desktop calendar to keep up with the date in the most elegant way.

    10. A lovely aluminum headphone stand so you can always find your headphones — and get back to your fave playlists ASAP.

    11. A dreamy beach print to give yourself a little piece of paradise no matter how crazy the workday.

    12. A carved rosewood eyeglasses holder that will be the talk of the office.

    13. An acrylic letter tray to keep your files in order — and your desk looking stylish.

    14. A mini golf course tablet stand so you can practice your swing from the comfort of your desk — even during conference calls.

    15. A rose-gold stapler that will give your coworkers desk decor envy.

    16. A handy office wall organizer to make your office corner look beyond magazine-ready.

    17. A gleaming metal phone stand you can coordinate with your phone — so you don’t throw off your color scheme.

    18. And a personalized acrylic nameplate that will have you feeling epic at all times.

    Your workday will never be the same.