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    19 Inexpensive Ways To Have The Best Closet Ever

    Get the boss closet you deserve.

    1. Help your boots live their best life — and keep their shape — with a set of flexible boot inserts you can hang from hooks.

    2. Bring some order to your scarves and shawls with a handy scarf hanger.

    3. Install a set of push lights to brighten up your closet space.

    4. Hang a closet storage organizer to divide items on your closet rod and add space for folded items — like T-shirts, sweaters, and socks.

    5. Dress up your shelves with printed contact paper, which will also make them easier to clean off.

    6. And if you have metal shelving, install waterproof shelf liners that can be cut down to fit any shelf.

    7. Keep delicate items like bras and stockings snag-free with this set of draw organizer bins — which you can easily transport in and out of your dresser.

    8. Grab a set of clear plastic bins to stack your shoes on top of your shelves or on your closet floor.

    9. Slide a set of stackable jewelry trays into your drawers to prevent your necklaces, bracelets, and rings from getting misplaced or tangled.

    10. End the stress of finding the right tie with a motorized tie rack with a built-in LED light.

    11. Make sure your handbags are protected from getting crushed with a set of clear purse holders.

    12. Place a simple storage mirror on the front or back of your closet door for easy access to accessories and other small items.

    13. Keep your shirts, sweaters, and jeans separated with sturdy shelf dividers that slide onto the corner of your shelves.

    14. Add a valet rod to the side of your closet so you can hang up individual pieces to plan out outfits for each day.

    15. Restore order in your dresser with a set of spring-loaded drawer organizers.

    16. Avoid all the belt hunt madness with a belt rack you can hang up in your closet or screw into the wall.

    17. Separate your clothes by color and size with a set of garmet dividers.

    18. Trade your flimsy wire and plastic hangers for a stylish set of sturdy wooden hangers.

    19. And if you’re up for a serious DIY project, invest in an adjustable closet organizer kit — which is a extremely affordable alternative to installing a pricey custom closet.

    It's time to make those closet dreams reality.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.