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    22 Things You'll Immediately Want To Buy And Share With Your BFF

    Because they're your person and nobody else's.

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    1. A pretty set of makeup brushes your makeup-loving best friend can use to show off their amazing skills on your face.

    2. A Why You’re My Bestie fill-in journal so your other half can know exactly why they’re the shit.

    3. A cozy best friends T-shirt set to brag about your three favorite addictions — burgers, fries, and your partner in crime.

    4. A precious set of affirmation cards that’ll keep you two motivated to tackle the day — even when you’d rather stay inside and binge-watch your favorite shows.

    5. A magical bouquet of kaleidoscope roses to transform your lives into a real-life fairytale.

    6. A DIY green tea face mask kit so you both can relax while rehashing all the BS from the week.

    7. A set of adorable clear phone cases that lets everyone know who’s the best bud in the world.

    8. A Foodstirs baking kit for cooking up your fave sweets for a cheat day win.

    9. A hella-nostalgic lanyard pack that may take you back to the day you first met in elementary school.

    10. A pack of zip-top ice pop pouches so you can craft up some refreshing treats mixed with your favorite juices, wines, or other beverages.

    11. A creepy cute set of animal sheet masks made for relaxing ahead of your next wild night out.

    12. A friendship bracelet kit to renew your bestie vows and seal them with a love knot.

    13. Or drop a few more dollars on a set of MantraBand cuff bracelets for a stylish ode to the person who forever holds your heart.

    14. A luxurious set of BFF mugs so you can sip tea and talk shit in coordination.

    15. A darling pizza heart pin set — because your bestie is the only person you love more than a pepperoni slice.

    16. A popcorn bowl to share a fresh bag of buttery goodness during your next BFF movie night.

    17. A headphones splitter so you won’t have to enjoy the latest viral video without your BFF.

    18. A greeting card that features your favorite dynamic duo — whether it’s the Olsen Twins or frenemies Brenda and Kelly — for a sweet way to show your fave you’ll love them forever.

    19. A LEGO Louvre set for a serious challenge that’ll force you to work together — and possibly inspire you to plan a BFF trip to Paris.

    20. A DIY succulents and planter set you two can name and place in the same spot in your homes, so you’ll always have a piece of your friend close.

    21. A gorgeous set of brass hair pins that aren't as predictable as friendship necklaces — and will remind you two of each other every time you wear them.

    22. And if you really want to show out, snag a pair of tickets to a music festival, comedy show, or concert to see your favorite band and rock out all night long.

    #Besties4Life!!! <3

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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