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21 Amazing Accessories To Liven Up You Wardrobe

Your clothes will be boring NO MORE.

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3. A holographic shell cross-body bag so your style can reach new depths of amazingness.

5. A vintage-style bookbag for an easy way to add some attitude to your look and still have somewhere to carry everything you need.


15. Iron-on varsity letters or a single varsity initial you can attach to your jacket or bookbag for a cool throwback effect.,

Get the pack of varsity letters from Michael’s for $5.99 or a single varsity initial patch from Amazon for $9.98 each (available in 26 letters and two colors).

17. Metal studs or pyramid spikes, which can be added to jackets, footwear, or bags.


19. Gorgeous metal buttons you can sew onto your coats and blazers, replacing those bland buttons you’re rocking now.

20. A customized patch perfect for wearing ALL your thoughts on your sleeve.

21. And a Rocksbox subscription so you'll have a collection of accessories you can easily switch out from month to month.

You receive three pieces of jewelry at one time, with the pieces hand-selected based on your Rocksbox Wish List. You have the option to purchase jewelry pieces you really love or just return them for a new set.

Get a Rocksbox subscription for $21 per month.