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    This $9 Bottle Of Acure Argan Oil May Completely Transform Your Skin

    A bottle of Acure Argan Oil could change your beauty routine forever.

    If you are looking for a multitasking beauty product that’ll help transform you hair and skin, a bottle of Acure Argan Oil should be the FIRST stop to a fiercer you.

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    The USDA organic argan oil is packed with ingredients like vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and proteins — leaving 643 five-star reviewers obsessed with changes they’ve seen after adding it to their beauty routine.,

    "I use this on mine and my daughter's hair to add a little shine and tame frizz. It works better on hers than mine. She has medium-thick, slightly wavy hair. It makes her hair gorgeous with just a drop. I like to use it on mine after I straighten it to help it look softer." —Amazon Customer

    "I use this on my hands and the ends of my hair. It makes them feel soft and moisturized without feeling greasy. I love that there is no added fragrance since I am sensitive to perfumes. I will continue to purchase and recommend this brand." —J

    Some use the argan oil to banish every drop of makeup from their face as part of their double cleansing routine.

    The double cleansing method involves using an oil to remove makeup before washing your face with a cleanser to remove any product left on your skin after cleansing it with the oil. Many people will then follow up double cleansing with a restorative cream — like the Acure Radically Rejuvenating Resurfacing Cream shown above — and then move on to the rest of the steps in their routine.

    “I put a few drops of the oil in the palms of my hands and gently massage my face. I use a cotton ball to remove any makeup. I do this as a first wash before following up with my cleanser. It easily removes even mascara, so I don't buy makeup remover anymore, which clears up vanity space AND saves me money.” —Zlz

    One reviewer uses it as their go-to daily moisturizer, seeing that it is filled with several nourishing ingredients that keep the skin hydrated and help battle blemishes.

    “I bought this for a great price and it is my favorite brand of argan oil. I use only one or two pumps for moisturizer after washing my face. It regulates natural oils and helps keep blemishes away, even during that hormonal time. Instead of five blemishes, I get only one or two that usually fade quickly. My face is 10 years softer.” —Bethany

    No matter your beauty needs — whether it be a cuticle oil, makeup primer, or a serum to bring life back into your hair — there is a place you can easily add Acure Argan Oil into your routine.

    “Though I don't use this oil on my hair, I absolutely love it as a cuticle oil! Before bed, I squirt one pump of the oil into my hands and massage it in, focusing on my cuticle area. I usually have brittle, dry skin surrounding my nails. But now it looks moisturized!” —Iamchep

    Believe us! One pump will have you HOOKED on the multitasking oil, making you wonder how you EVER lived without it.

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    Get it from Amazon for $8.64.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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