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Five Hacks To Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Organized

Kitchen is one of the most used spaces in one’s home, with maximum amount of spilling and scattering happening. Some kitchen hacks on how to keep it organized and clean wouldn’t hurt to know.

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Clean it ASAP!

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It may sound like a lot of work, but in the longer run it actually adds up to much less work if we keep arranging things as and when they get scattered. Put away those utensils soon as their use is over. Keep tissues handy to wipe any spill-over on the slab. Take out garbage strictly on a daily basis to avoid rotting and foul smell, and also to ensure that no harm comes to the health of you and your family.

Keep Your Cleaning Agents Well-Stocked

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The secret to a clean home and kitchen is having your cleaning equipment and products handy and ready for use. It is a lot easier to get those stubborn stains out if you attack them with the right cleaning agent immediately. Keep cleansers ready for mustard stains, oil stains, even water stains on mirrors and glass surfaces. To avoid clogging and other sewage trouble, always have acid and other pipe-line cleaners with you. Dirt will never be a problem if you clean it even before it gets a chance to settle.

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To maximize your storage space and also to organize your utensils, bottles and other stuff better, the best way to go is to design and install cabinets and racks to suit your needs. It is unbelievable how much space is saved and how much more convenient kitchen time becomes if your stuff is well-arranged. It greatly reduces the amount of cluttering and mess, if all your crockery, cutlery, aluminum-ware and plastic-ware have their spaces allotted to them.

Label It!

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Nothing helps organization like labeling does! Tag those bottles with waterproof labels and say bye-bye to the problem of forgetting what you put in that container a few months ago. A good way to go would also be to use transparent containers to store spices, pulses and other things, and end the trouble of unscrewing every bottle to check the contents. Color-coding is also helpful at times- for instance, one color for pulses and grains, another for spices, yet another for cookies and other confectionery, etc.

Attend to Those Gadgets

Your microwave, oven, fridge and deep-freezers need a little bit of extra care (and why not, they do so much for us!). To keep your kitchen gadgets running well and for longevity of the gadget, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Protecting them from damage by water and other spill-over is one of them. Make it a point to wipe the mixer, sandwich-maker or microwave clean with a cloth or tissue after every use to remove the spilled food. Keep a cleanser handy to get rid of the oil and grease that gets deposited. A periodical service is the best thing that you can do to any gadget.

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