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Four Pictures Where LeBron James Looks Like He Just Remembered He Makes $30.96 Million Dollars A Year

LeBron James smiles a lot. And he has good reason to. Last year he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a fairytale comeback against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals after a 3-1 deficit. He's a two time Olympic champion, three time NBA champion, thirteen time NBA All-Star, and he's only thirty-two years old. Oh yeah, he also broke a curse.

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Imagine this-- you're LeBron James. You're in the middle of (what looks like) another boring press conference. Reporters won't stop pestering you with questions about how it feels to be the greatest player of all time. Maybe they're asking you how it felt to be the first overall draft pick in 2003. Maybe they're asking you how Bill Hader acted on the set of Trainwreck. Everything seems drab but then you sit back and remember the $30.96 million that the Cleveland Cavaliers are giving you this season. For one moment, just one moment, everything seems alright.



You're LeBron again. This time you're wearing a Miami Heat jersey which means that everyone in your hometown of Cleveland currently hates you. You feel lost. The owner of your old team just denounced you in a public letter. Maybe lifelong friends won't return your phone calls. In these trying times it's important to take a step back, smile, and remember the important things in life like the $30.96 million dollars that you're being paid to play basketball.



Once again, you're LeBron James. However, you're not smiling this time. Steph Curry, essentially your arch-nemesis, is testing your patience on the court. In this moment nothing seems worth it. The countless hours practicing, the accolades, the fame-- all meaningless. You want to hang it all up. Suddenly, from within, you hear a voice of reason. You remember that there are 82 games in an NBA season which means you get paid approximately $377,560.98 per game. You remember that you can buy almost two median priced homes in the United States for every game of basketball you play. You take a deep breath. This too shall pass. Hang in there.


Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images / Via

You're still LeBron and you look as slick as ever. Things are going well. You came back to Cleveland and (after one failed attempt) became an NBA Champion in your home state. No need to be coy this time around. Drink up, LeBron. Drink up and remember that you made a deal with Nike worth one billion dollars on top of the $30.96 million that you're making this year.

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