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7 Reasons Traverse City Beer Week Should Be Your Next BFF Trip Destination

Head to Traverse City Beer Week, Nov. 12–19, for the BFF trip of your dreams.

Traverse City is recognized as a center of creative brewing, insofar that they know that part of the fun of craft beer is how you experience it. Create a one-of-a-kind adventure with a brewery tour that matches your style.

1. A beer tasting is the perfect group activity.

Group of friends clinking beer glasses inside a brewery.

2. Plus, they still have to-go and curbside service.

Two beer growlers.

3. Stay in style thanks to Traverse City's wide range of world-class accommodations.

Woman jumping on hotel bed in robe

4. Hit all the hot spots on a beer tour.

Friends toasting beer mugs in an outdoor dome.

5. Stop by one of Traverse City's world-class restaurants.

A table with chips and guacamole.

6. Deals, deals, deals.

A woman holding a flight of beers.

7. And you could win big!

Traverse City Beer Week T-shirt and fanny pack.

Make Traverse City Beer Week your next BFF destination. Don't miss the celebration, Nov. 12–19.