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16 Indie Stores In Portland That Will Make You Scream, "Take My Money!"

Portland's got the best stores with stuff you can't find anywhere else. Oh and, um, a little thing called zero sales tax.

1. Project Object

2. Powell's Books

3. Next Adventure

4. Tea Chai Té

5. House of Vintage

6. Boys Fort

7. Pistils Nursery

8. Orox Leather

9. Community Cycling Center

10. MadeHere PDX

11. Paxton Gate

12. Frances May

13. Crafty Wonderland

14. Oblation Papers & Press

15. Dos Damas

16. Vintage Pink

The best indie stores in the country make Portland the under-the-radar shopping destination of your dreams. Book a trip to Portland now and shop (tax-free) 'til you drop!