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The DOs And DON’Ts Of Traveling, From The Travelocity Roaming Gnome

DO remember these wisdoms on your next trip. Wander wisely with the Roaming Gnome.

1. DO treat yourself to a nice flight by booking on a less popular travel day.

2. DON'T be that guy during the check-in process.

3. DO leave early to beat the traffic.

4. DON'T trust your memory on where you parked at the airport.

5. DO pack wisely.

6. DON'T bring anything you wouldn't be able to replace.

7. DO fill your social media feeds with selfies.

8. DON'T risk your life for the selfie, though.

9. DO experiment with different modes of transportation.

10. DON'T forget the rental car insurance.

11. DO pack earplugs.

12. DON'T complain about the noise when you're traveling through party central.

13. DO pick up an authentic souvenir or two.

14. DON'T count the trinkets you can get anywhere as "souvenirs."

15. DO try to haggle with merchants at the market.

16. DON'T try to haggle with TSA agents at the airport.

17. DO gorge on tasty new foods.

18. DON'T spend your entire vacation in a food coma.

And finally: DO the wise thing by booking your next trip with Travelocity.