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5 Ways To Travel Cheaply

Would you love to travel but you think you can't afford it? Maybe I can help :)

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1. Book your flight early and off season.


These days the prices of flights often vary and become crazy expensive the later you leave it to book one. Often you can get really good deals by booking a flight months early instead of leaving it till the last second. Also, pricing sky rockets during high season - research the low season of a destination and book your flight for then. Chances are high that it will be significantly cheaper.

2. Work and Travel & Volunteering


There are several online platforms that connect hosts with volunteers that are willing to work for food and accommodation all over the world. The offered jobs vary. You can apply for what interests you, be it barman, hostel reception, farm work, animal sanctuaries, schools and orphanages, etc. This does not only enable you to save a load of money but also brings you closer to the culture of a country. In addition, you get to stay at a place for longer than just a couple of days. I have always traveled for months at a time this way.

3. Spend more money on a flight but less in the country.


Frequently we get seduced by incredibly affordable flights. These flights often don't take you very far though and you end up spending more money than you would have by buying a more costly flight to a cheaper destination. In my experience, it pays off to spend more money on a flight which takes you to an awesome travel destination where food, accommodation, transport, etc are so cheap that you actually end up saving money in the end. This also allows you to travel for a longer period of time and experience a culture that is completely different from yours :)

4. Make new friends!


New friends mean new insights! One huge benefit of traveling is that you meet loads of different personalities from all over the world. By talking to people and making friends you broaden your horizons and gain insight into others' brilliant ideas. During my travels I have always met people who for instance new the perfect place to stay or the best street food to eat. Some even offered their house to stay in for free! You never know :)

5. Keep track of what you spend.


This might sound silly. You are in a country where you spend near to nothing on a piece of bread and a tenth of what you would spend on a pair of shoes at home. Because everything's so cheap you don't have to keep track of your spendings, right? Wrong. Trust me - it is surprising how fast the little things add up. A cent here, a cent there and in the end you wonder where all your cash has gone. From experience I strongly advise to make sure you don't go over your budget by writing down what you spend. That way you'll get a rough idea about whether you are traveling within your budget or not :)

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