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How Many Dream Destinations Have You Visited?

See how many of the world’s iconic landmarks, natural wonders and internationally renowned buildings you’ve checked off the list so far!

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  1. Check which spots you've seen in person!

    Cambodia - Angkor Wat
    U.S.A. - Golden Gate Bridge
    Ireland - Trinity College
    Peru - Machu Picchu
    South Korea - The War Memorial of Korea
    Israel - Masada
    Australia - Sydney Opera House
    U.S.A. - Statue of Liberty
    China - Great Wall of China
    Canada - CN Tower
    Brasil - Christ the Redeemer
    France - The Eiffel Tower
    Jordan - Petra
    India - Taj Mahal
    China - Forbidden City
    Turkey - Hagia Sophia
    South Africa - Castle of Good Hope
    Italy - Colosseum
    Indonesia - Mount Kawi
    Spain - Guggenheim Museum
    U.S.A. - Las Vegas Strip
    Myanmar - Shwedagon Pagoda
    Germany - Neuschwanstein Castle
    U.K. - The Tower of London
    Spain - La Sagrada Familia
    Italy - Pompeii
    Greece - Acropolis
    Czech Republic - Charles Bridge
    Russia - St. Basil’s Cathedral
    Mexico - Chichen Itza
    U.S.A. - The White House
    U.K. - Westminster Abbey
    Bolivia - Salar de Uyuni
    Hungary - Parliament
    Cambodia - Siem Reap
    Tanzania - Mount Kilimanjaro
    Ecuador - Galapagos Islands
    Germany - Brandenburg Gate
    Japan - Grand Torii Gate
    Greece - Ephesus
    U.S.A. - French Quarter
    Chile - Easter Island
    Laos - Bokeo Nature Reserve
    Zambia and Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls
    Argentina - La Boca
    United Arab Emirates - Burj Khalifa
    Malaysia - Petronas Twin Towers
    Vietnam - Ha Long Bay
    Egypt - Great Pyramid of Giza
    U.S.A. - Cloud Gate
    England - Buckingham Palace
    Australia - Great Barrier Reef
    Kenya - Massai Mara
    Bhutan - Tiger’s Nest Temple
    Italy - St. Peter’s Basilica
    Mexico - Chichen Itza
    U.S.A. - Gateway Arch
    U.K. - Stonehenge
    Italy - Cinque Terre
    Japan - Great Buddha of Kamakura
    Turkey - Blue Mosque
    U.S.A. - Yellowstone National Park
    Thailand - Grand Palace
    U.S.A. - Walt Disney World
    Canada - Parliament Hill
    Japan - Senso-ji
    U.S.A. - Hollywood Walk of Fame
    United Arab Emirates - Burj al-Arab
    Germany - Reichstag Building
    Israel - Dome of the Rock
    U.S.A. - Mount Rushmore
    Venezuela - Angel Falls
    France - Arc de Triomphe
    Bolivia - Laguna Colorada
    Iran - Azadi Tower
    Switzerland - Matterhorn
    U.S.A. - Oahu
    Croatia - Korcula
    Morocco - Todgha Gorge
    Ukraine - St. Andrew’s Church
    Philippines - Boracay
    U.S.A. - Space Needle
    Nigeria - Zuma Rock
    New Zealand - Lake Wanaka
    Russia - Moscow Kremlin
    Denmark - Tivoli Gardens
    Papua New Guinea - Mount Wilhelm
    Belgium - Grand Palace
    U.S.A. - Grand Canyon
    Hungary - Buda Castle
    Argentina - Iguazu Falls
    South Africa - Kruger National Park
    Indonesia - Borobudur
    Austria - Alps
    U.S.A. - Joshua Tree National Park
    Iceland - Blue Lagoon
    Malaysia - Petronas Towers
    Australia - Uluru
    Netherlands - Keukenhof

How Many Dream Destinations Have You Visited?

You’ve seen a decent number of landmarks—enough to have an appreciation of history and culture that every true traveler does. Yet, there are pages to be filled in your passport. Keep going, traveler.

budding traveler
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Wow, impressive! You’ve seen a lot of what the world has to offer. Your experiences have molded you in a way that’s hard to put into words. You’re always planning where you’ll go next.

seasoned traveler
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Travel isn’t just something you do; it’s part of who you are. You feel most at home away from home. Some say life is a journey, but for you it’s a series of journeys. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

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When people look up “traveler” in the dictionary, they really just see a picture of you. You live on the road (err, plane, train car, hotel room, etc.), and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Bon voyage, traveler!

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