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12 Reasons The Mountains Are The Ultimate Vacation Spot

Yeah, rethink that trip to the beach. Plan some R&R in Alberta's Canadian Rockies this winter to take in all the snowy peaks have to offer.

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1. This is what greets you in the morning.

Jeff Wallace / Getty Images

If you're used to starting your day with a view of concrete or commuters honking on their way to work, how about some soft sunlight rising over icy peaks instead? Pairs perfectly with a steaming cup of coffee and a camera.

7. You're closer to the stars.

dan_prat / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Prepare to be mesmerized. Stargazing is a reflective, rejuvenating activity — it will encourage you to forget about the small stuff and just be awed by Earth's beauty (with no urban smog or lights to block your view).

8. And one with the animals.

John E Marriott / Getty Images

Forget traffic intersections; it's moose crossings you'll have to stop for! You may also have a majestic snowy owl visit your window while you're reading the morning newspaper.

11. Everyone around you is just... loving life.


No crowds + no delayed subways + fresh air + starry nights + all those endorphins from being active = smiles all around. You'll probably be able to strike up a friendly conversation with a stranger you meet at the store. Imagine that!

You know you need that break... immediately. Book a trip to Alberta's mountains this winter to truly unwind and recharge.