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11 Times We Were All Amy Schumer In "Trainwreck"

We've all been there two, maybe three times. Four, now that we're tallying. Own Trainwreck, with special features and bonus footage, now on Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital.

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1. When we couldn't believe that someone perfect and nice could actually like us.

2. When we said we had the plans, but we didn't actually have the plans.

3. When wine was the best (and only) solution to a problem.

4. When we absolutely had to speak to someone at 3 a.m. to talk about something that was absolutely not important.

5. When we woke up in a bed that we didn't remember falling asleep in.

6. When we pulled out all the stops to get someone to go out with us.

Maybe not the best approach, but whatever.

7. When we just had a quiet, sober night.

8. When we were caught off guard by something...sizable.

9. When we almost made it home the next morning unnoticed.

10. When people would judge us for, like, the wrong reasons.

11. When everything was JUST. TOO. HARD.

All imagery courtesy of Universal Home Entertainment.

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