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    This Cactus Post Gives Your Cat A Stylish Place To Scratch

    Because your couch needs a break.

    Need a stylish place for your cat to scratch its paws? This cactus scratching post is the cutest solution! Check out the tutorial below.


    * 1 3-inch ABS pipe (cut into 3-inch sections)

    * 2 3-inch wye joints

    * 2 3-inch 45-degree elbow

    * 3 3-inch coupling

    * 1 3-inch flushing

    * 3 foam balls

    * 1 wooden disk

    * 2 ¼-inch x 100-feet sisal ropes

    * Hot glue

    * Cement

    * Screws

    * Fabric dye

    * Felt (for flowers)


    # Dye 150 feet of the rope green. Let dry.

    # Drill pilot holes through flushing into wooden disc.

    # Place flushing over wooden disk and mark holes.

    # Drill pilot holes where you marked.

    # Screw flushing to wooden disk. Set aside.

    # Cut 3-inch ABS pipe into 5 3-inch sections using a hacksaw.

    # Push 1 of the pipe pieces into flushing.

    # Pour cement into this pipe. This is to weigh it down.

    # Let dry.

    # Now, to start building the cactus shape.

    # Put couplings on, stacking them, held together by 3-inch pieces of 3-inch pipe. Use a hammer to make sure joints are tight.

    # Connect 45 elbows to the wye joints.

    # Connect wye joints and elbows to the base of the cactus, using 3-inch pieces of 3-inch pipe.

    # Push down the cactus to ensure all joints are secure.

    # Hot glue the foam balls into the opening of the 3 tops.

    # Using hot glue, coil your dyed rope from bottom to top to cover the cactus.

    # Coil the undyed rope around flushing and covering base.

    # Check to remove all extraneous pieces of hot glue, rope, etc. to make this safe for your kitty.

    # Add some felt flowers for a little pop of color.

    # If desired, rub some catnip on it to make your cat more inclined to scratch!

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