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    The 14 Stages Of Hearing Your Song Come On At The Club

    OOOOOOOOHHHH! That is my jaaaaaaaaam!

    This is you when you're at the club and you don't like the song the DJ's playing. / Via

    But then...

    1. Hold on, what song is this?


    2. Is that...?

    3. OMG. It definitely is. / Via

    That face means "it's about to get so real."

    4. You freak out where you're standing for a few seconds, even if nobody else joins you.

    5. And then, you must let EVERYone know:

    6. You hurry up and finish your drink.

    7. You find a friend to hold your purse.

    And if you can't, you're still gonna get your jam on.

    8. You make your way to the dance floor like:

    9. And then it's on like a pile of neck bones.

    10. But then you realize your song has gone off. It's over.

    11. You try to dance to the next song that comes on, but it just isn't the same.

    12. You finally realize it isn't working and you leave the dance floor like:

    13. And then you end up back at the bar like: / Via

    But then...

    14. Your other song comes on, and it happens ALL OVER AGAIN!