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Michael B. Jordan's 16 Most Important Instagram Posts

Here's to another year filled with selfie perfection.

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1. When he smiled that iconic smile.

2. And served up just a little bit of that dimple.

3. When he stole your heart with the wink and the gun at the end of this video.

4. When he showed you the proper way to wear a suit.

5. When he made you want to write him in as a candidate in every single election ever.

6. When he made you wish that you were that bottom lip.

7. And then made you wish that you were that mouth corner.

8. When he tried to use this cute hat to distract us from the fact that he is shirtless and in bed and it totally didn't work.

9. When he ... Lord, have all the mercy.

All of the mercy.

11. When his agents kept photobombing him but he stayed calm, cool, and collected. For the most part.

12. When he couldn't even stop being gorgeous for, like, 5 seconds.

13. When he posed with his mom and showed us all where those killer dimples came from.

14. When he reminded us that he has always been adorable.

15. When he showed us that he poops on a toilet with his pants up while drinking a beer, just like everyone else.

16. When he was super cute with this darling little kid.

Side note: being jealous of a baby feels weird.