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13 Easy AF Ways To Save Money You Wish You'd Known Sooner

It's really not that hard. When you switch to NET10Wireless, you save up to 25%, all without any one-sided, long-term contracts. So basically when you choose NET10Wireless, you’re FREEEE.

1. Open a checking account that refunds ATM fees.

2. Use lemon and toothpaste for everything.*

3. Save your change.

4. Speaking of a savings account with the highest interest rate.

5. Make a weekly budget...and then make your significant other promise to break up with you if you go over it.


7. Multiply your protein portions.

8. Keep your tires well-inflated.

9. Put your money into an app that invests your money for you.

10. Eat before hitting up the movie theater.

11. Throw more parties; go out less.

12. Shopping online? Get you that promo code.

13. Learn to fix or do things yourself.

Get you the phone that helps you save $$ (up to 25%!) and lets you be free as heck: NET10Wireless.