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13 Easy AF Ways To Save Money You Wish You'd Known Sooner

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2. Use lemon and toothpaste for everything.*

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Replace the need for a bunch of expensive products with the help of these two items. Here are just a few things the juice of a lemon can clean: spotty knives, the microwave, the blender, the bathtub, and even your conscience.** And with toothpaste, you can clear a zit, polish your headlights, and so much more.

*OK, just a lot a lot of things.

**It won't clean your conscience



An easy way to waste money is buying food then accidentally letting it go bad because you waited 17 months to eat it. Turns out, food can be frozen and eaten weeks after you buy it. Months. Years, even! Just freeze everything.

9. Put your money into an app that invests your money for you.

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Throw a chunk of money in there and watch. it. grow. Sure, it may have dips, but it's smarter than just letting your money sit in the bank. A good app? Betterment.

11. Throw more parties; go out less.

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This one's obvious — no overpriced liquor to blow your money on, ordering some tacos is way cheaper than dining at any restaurant, and you don't even spend on a ride-hailing service. All you gotta focus your energy on is having a swell time. (ALSO: YOU CONTROL THE MUSIC.)

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