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17 Bomb-Ass Gifts You Can Get For Under $50

Your friends will dig these, and so will you 'cause you won't be dropping all your quincena on them. Another good way to save money? NET10Wireless — switch and save even more with no contracts and nationwide coverage. Woohoo.

1. Allow your friends to wake up to the smell of heaven with this crispy bacon grill.

2. Help someone get in touch with their inner, um, composition? (nerd?) with this slick set of human anatomy models.

3. Have a friend who's into the outdoors? Or just into not getting their socks wet ever 'cause it's pretty damn gross? Look no further than these waterproof crew socks.

4. If your compas love pizza, well, they're gonna love this pizza pouch!

5. For the friend who'd take a bullet for you, there's this bulletproof whisky glass.

6. A sweet and sturdy addition? Pallet coasters.

7. This ESPN trivia game is a no-brainer, BUT it will make everyone use their there ya go.

8. Glitchy cards? Why the heck not? Check out these playing cards.

9. Let your friends' behinds see the light with the very gently lit Illumibowl.

10. Lend a helping hand to a french fry lover with Melinda's Jalapeño Ketchup.

11. TBH, this headphone hook looks useful AF.

12. For the friends who lead that thug life, here are the not-so-thuggy-but-still-dope "deal with it" glasses.

13. For that one dude who's always fixing everyone's crap, here's a digital tape measure.

14. We bet you know someone who needs a little help creating a more relaxing ambiance. For them, there are these remote-controlled LED candles.

15. Tequila shots will probably taste more decadent in these fresh pool ball shot glasses.

16. For the friend who loves to stare at the ceiling, here's this magical Infinity Cube that'll be way more fun to stare at.

17. Let your friends step on Legos all they want with these velvety pair of red building-block slippers:

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