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11 Situations You'll Recognize If You Know A Child That's Wise Beyond Their Years

As moms and dads can attest, kids can be hilariously wise! For more wisdom from tiny humans, check out The Toy Box, Sundays at 7/6c on ABC – where kids like the ones below make all the decisions.

1. They'll offer you advice that's actually very helpful!

2. They're constantly whipping out big words.

3. Their sarcasm is unbelievable.

4. They ask a gazillion questions.

5. They remind you to be confident.

6. They tell it like it is.

7. It takes two minutes for them to get bored.

8. They may be little, but they can still roast you like a pro.

9. They know what they want...and what they don't want.

10. Their jokes are actually hilarious.

11. They remind you of the power of never giving up.

All images courtesy of ABC.

Grab your own know-it-all and tune in to this season of The Toy Box, Sundays at 7/6c on ABC. The grand prize–winning toy from this season will be made by Mattel. Pick yours up exclusively at Toys "R" Us!