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11 Classic Parent-Teen Struggles: Then & Now

"But Moooom!" Parenting can be a bumpy ride — especially after drivers ed. Help your teen stay safe behind the wheel with Toyota TeenDrive365.

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1. Then: "But Dad, all my friends at school have their own landline..."


Now: "But Dad, all my friends at school have their own unlimited data plan..."


2. Then: "Ugh, Mom, can you puh-lease get off the phone? I'm trying to surf the 'net here."

Now: "Ugh, Mom, can you puh-lease get off Facebook? I don't even use it anymore."

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

3. Then: "Dad, tell me you didn't tape over my show — and right before the first episode too?"

Now: "Dad, tell me you didn't cancel Netflix — and right before all the episodes came out too?"

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4. Then: "Take a chill pill, Mom. Stonewashed jeans are, like, totally tripendicular, OK?"

MGM Home Entertainment / Via

Now: "Chill, Mom. I don't need to do yoga to, like, wear yoga pants, K?"

5. Then: "Gee, Dad — could we go to the drive-in? Look at all these cars!"

Now: "Oh em gee, Dad — could we go to the drive-thru? Look at all these combos!"

Laughs For Gags -OFFICIAL (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

6. Then: "Relax, Mom. I'm dancing to rap — the poetry of the streets!"

Now: "Mom, Mom, Mom! Please stop twerking."

7. Then: "Oh. My. God. Who broke into my diary — in which I totally did not mention my crush's name?"

Maja Hrnjak / Getty Images

Now: "OMG. Who hacked my Tumblr password — which was definitely not named after my crush?"

Jason Sweeten / BuzzFeed

8. Then: "Mom, the car won't play my burned CDs! What gives?"

Now: "Can we just wait in the parking lot till the song's over? Spotify's picking up Wi-Fi right now."

9. Then: "Dad, you don't understand. I'll be a dweeb-o-rama if I don't tease my hair for the Bon Jovi concert."

Now: "Dad, you don't get it. I'll look basic if I don't get an undercut for the Skrillex show."

Jenny McDermott (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

10. Then: "This outfit is sooo choice. Can we put it in the shopping cart, Mom? Can we, huh?"

Now: "Mom, Mom! What's your credit card number? I already added my outfit to the cart."

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11. Then: "Thanks for the car phone, Dad. I'm going to use it like crazy!"

Shane K. (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: shanes_stuff

Now: "Using your phone when you're driving — are you crazy?"

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Feuds and fads come and go, but some things never change — like learning to drive. Help your teen become a safe driver by visiting TeenDrive365.