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10 Exotic U.S. Destinations Perfect For A Marriage Proposal

Go big or go home alone. With the all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, it's time to take things further than you two have before.

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1. Antelope Canyon | Page, AZ


If that's not a sign, we don't know what is.

How to take it further:

* Hike at dusk to avoid crowds.

* Make them close their eyes then open to find you kneeling in the spotlight.

* Take a decent photo despite difficult lighting conditions.

2. Ghost Town | Terlingua, TX

Bud Force / Getty Images

Don't be afraid to take the next step.

How to take it further:

* Bring a friend to take the perfect picture.

* Stick around to catch the amazing sunset in the Chisos Mountains.

* Grab some grub at Starlight Theatre Restaurant and Saloon.

3. Lake Wedington | Fayetteville, AR

Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

Sometimes you don't need words to speak.

How to take it further:

* Wait for a misty morning.

* Go rowing, then bend on one knee in the boat.

* Book a cabin on the shore.

4. Angels Landing | Zion National Park, UT


Death-defying heights are the perfect place to begin life together.

How to take it further:

* Make it up before sunrise.

* Hold hands if they're afraid of heights.

* Give thanks for making the climb safely. 🙏

5. Sleeping Bear Dunes | Empire, MI

Susan McDougall Photography / Getty Images

Give them one more chance to meet something more beautiful than you are.

How to take it further:

* Bring home dinner after a day of fishing.

* Shop around the area's adorable shops.

* Geotag everything "America's Most Beautiful Place."

6. International Air Balloon Fiesta | Albuquerque, NM

Mark Newman / Getty Images

Love from above.

How to take it further:

* Rent a balloon.

* Let things heat up beneath the blowtorch.

* Tie the ring to a tiny helium balloon (that you have safely anchored).

7. West Quoddy Head Lighthouse | Lubec, ME


At the easternmost point in the U.S., you'll be the first in the country to see the sun rise on your love.

How to take it further:

* Book a romantic bed-and-breakfast at a Victorian house.

* Watch some whales in each other's arms.

* Fill up on a lobster dinner plucked directly from the bay below.

8. Black Sand Beach | Maui, HI

M Swiet Productions / Getty Images

Because white sand proposals have been done to death.

How to take it further:

* Choose a black gemstone to match your black beach.

* Enjoy a tropical beverage or two.

* Pretend to find the ring in the sand.

9. Forsyth Park | Savannah, GA


Tie the knot beneath a canopy of charming Spanish moss.

How to take it further:

* Tour all the historic sites first.

* Eat soul food afterwards.

* Orchestrate a flash mob of friends during.

10. Under the Northern Lights | Fairbanks, AK

Alan Kearney / Getty Images

The sky is alive with the light of your future life together.

How to take it further:

* Build a fire.

* Cuddle up in a cabin.

* Freeze the ring in a block of ice, a block you must defrost together. 😏

Your shared adventure is just beginning. How far will you take it in an all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid?


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