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15 Postres That Will Completely Blow Your Mind

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1. This foamy concoction is Esponjado de Café. YUMMMM.

Forget about a regular cake and break into foreign, spongy territory. This soft delicacy is luscious AF and dissolves in your mouth.

2. This tres leches chocolate cake is NEXT LEVEL.

So good it should be illegal. Add a punch of chocolate to this classic and reach new foodgasms by trying this incredible dish.

4. Speaking of churros that are out of this world, here's a CHURRO CAKE.

When Walter Mercado predicted happiness, success, and finding true love in our lives, we didn't believe him — until we saw this dang churro cake, and nothing was ever the same.


This is a key lime pie on steroids — LOOK AT THAT HEIGHT, LOOK AT ALL THAT FRUIT! AND it's made with galletas Marías. We're crying happy tears just from looking at it.


Courtesy of My Incredible Recipes

Oh, lawd. Nothing takes sopapillas into an alternate, more amazing dimension like cream cheese, which this recipe has in abundance. These have cerezas too! OH GOD, IT HAS OUR HEARTS.

7. These Mayan truffles are what fairy tales are made of.

Courtesy of Melecular Kitchen

Truffles are good — but if you're in the mood for trying a lil' something different, you're in luck with this bomb recipe. These don't have any dairy, and the chef dusted them with chipotle chili powder to make them more authentic. YAMMM.

8. Look at these orange mantecadas with white chocolate — they are out there, yet here for you. *drools for seven hours straight*

Courtesy of Pina en la Cocina

Mantecadas are fluffy muffins that taste like dreams about petting pandas. Exceeepppttt, these are even better 'cause they have melted white chocolate in the center and are sprinkled with savory orange zest, so they taste like dreams about petting pandas but like in outer space.

9. OH YEAH. Here are some piña tamales with nuez and cajeta, in case you are still reading this and haven't run off to make those red velvet churros.

Courtesy of Pina en la Cocina

Tamales just got even more delicious. You know how that cajeta looks silky and like it's melting right into the masa? It's replicating the state of our extremities after staring at this.

11. This heavenly corn cake recipe goes out to all our elote fans. 🌽 🌽 🌽

Maybe you're not used to elote that's not on a stick decorated with mayo — but these lil' cakes are worthy of your love and attention. And guess what's on top of that warm corn cake... AGAVE CREAM.


Courtesy of My Colombian Recipes

This isn't a regular chocolate lava cake — it's a blast of all things good and sweet and worthy of our admiration. Let this volcanic explosion of chocolate and dulce de leche take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey into pure bliss.

14. Put your watered-down agua de horchata down...and make this HORCHATA CHEESECAKE.

OK, anyone who has ever tried horchata knows that thing is up there on the list of "best things in life," right in between fat, squishy puppies and Gael García's eyes. Well, this dessert takes horchata to an even higher level, like, the crust is made out of graham crackers. MAIGAD. #dead

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