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15 People Who Will Leave You Saying "Wow"

¡Ay, mamita! Apparently, choosing to be bold pays off. If you're ready to be wowed, check out the new Toyota Camry.

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1. This diving daredevil: / Via

"Pos me mato".

2. This guy cruising between TWO BUILDINGS: / Via

Volando como papalote.

3. This guy scoring our respect:

For realz.

4. This striker who defies the laws of physics: / Via

The hell just happened.

5. These guys who know that it's not about working faster, but smarter:


6. This dude with a perfect sense of direction:


7. This other dude gliding from a bridge to a boat: / Via

It's cool pero, like, way too scary.

8. This guy who parks his bike #likeaboss:

Piece of cake.

9. This dude doing a 360 on a giant swing: / Via

Our hat's off to you.

10. This cheerleader who nails a shot of pure magic:

Nathan Epstein / / Via


11. This cyclist who pulls off this trick to win a race: / Via

"¡Quítense que ahí les voy!"

12. This breakdancer who strikes an incredible chuza: / Via

Multitasking at its finest.

13. This dude nailing a trifecta of awesomeness:

Slide, receive, shoot.

14. This girl who thinks speed and heights are a joke:


"Fear? What is that?"

15. And, perhaps most insane of all, the notorious Voladores de Papantla:

Toma esta encuesta, ¡es casi como tomar un quiz!