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13 Bold Decisions That Paid Off Big In The End

Trust your gut; it knows what it's doing.

1. This bold dancer, who saw his moment for fame and broke the internet with his rad moves:

2. This dude, who used technology to take his flirtation game to the next level:

3. Or this guy, who tried an unconventional style at a high-stakes moment:

4. This guy, who came up with a good strategy for gauging his girlfriend's response before popping the question:

5. These hardcore fans, who enjoyed the game from the empty bleachers and BOTH got rewarded:

6. This groovy grandpa, who ditched his canes and really got the party started:

7. And this guy, who decided to have his mom coach him through his dunk on the phone and nailed it:

8. This stealthy cake ninja, who wanted his wish granted and fulfilled his dreams:

9. This young man, who seized an opportunity to show his appreciation of the local news:

10. These ingenious golfers, who found a way to squeeze more golf games into a day:

11. This drummer, who used a wedding reception as an opportunity to audition for a speed metal band:

12. These extra backflips that turned a mistake into a victory:

13. And finally, this bold delivery technique that saved upwards of five minutes:

One bold choice leads to another. Trust your gut — start with a Camry and see where it takes you.

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