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14 Prince Edward Island Experiences To Add To Your Bucket List

Get your pen and paper ready. Prince Edward Island has a summer of relaxation, discovery, and unforgettable memories waiting for you.

1. Watch the sun rise over the Gulf of St. Lawrence...

Don Johnston / Getty Images

The world's largest estuary looks mighty fine lit up with dawn's pink and purple tapestry.

2. ...and set over the Confederation Bridge.

Irwin Barrett / Getty Images

12.9 km of engineering majesty and the backdrop of the setting sun will start your evening off right -- and basically guarantee you a new record of likes when you post the photo to social media.

3. Go on a kayak tour.

Barrett & Mackay / Getty Images

You can book one at several locations across the Island and head out for a peaceful, scenic expedition. Kayaking is a great way to spot wildlife -- and a killer workout (unless you get a double kayak and your partner does all the work...).

4. Hit a bunch of golf courses in one day...

Andrew Penner / Getty Images

There are more than 25...and they're all located within 45 minutes of each other. When you've played as many holes as you can handle, relax with a drink and soak in the stunning view (available at every course)!

5. ...and then tackle the lighthouses.

Francisco Diez Photography / Getty Images

You can't get very far on the Island without stumbling upon another nautical mainstay. Each one has its own distinct look and history, and some will allow you to climb to the top -- for some exercise followed by a well-deserved seascape!

6. See the inspiration for Anne of Green Gables.

Barney Moss (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: barneymoss

The famous novel you enjoyed as a kid was set in Cavendish, and you can check out the exact house the author had in mind as well as a charming Victorian village designed to recreate the one where Anne lived. Talk about a step back in time!

7. Camp out in Prince Edward Island National Park.

Ron Erwin / Getty Images

Not super outdoorsy? You should probably consider sucking it up one night to sleep under the stars at the Stanhope or Cavendish camping sites. The Northern Lights are well worth snoozing on the ground to see.

8. Visit a family farm.

Radius Images / Getty Images

Learn about an integral part of the Island's economy and culture and see firsthand where the veggies, potatoes, dairy, and meats you've been devouring came from. Some farms will even allow you to stay overnight and help out with their daily tasks!

9. Have a big ol' lobster supper -- with all the fixings.

Danita Delimont / Getty Images
Stefan Krasowski (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: rapidtravelchai

Lobster...and mussels...and chowder...and potatoes...and veggies...and bread...and dessert...and now it's bedtime.

10. Rent a cottage on Cavendish Beach.

Design Pics / Getty Images

Wake up, walk 150 yards, and feel the fine, white sand envelop your feet while the cool salt breeze and panoramic ocean view rouses you for the day ahead.

11. Cycle the Confederation Trail.

Taylor S. Kennedy / Getty Images

The entire trail runs from one tip of the Island to another. Whether you're looking for a multi-day physical challenge or just a leisurely ride between villages, the routes (and photo ops) you can take abound.

12. Go to a ceilidh.


The Island stays true to its Celtic roots with a number of these traditional gatherings throughout the summer. Yes, they involve fiddling and singing, but they also happen to be prettyyy epic dance parties. Bust a move to work off your next lobster supper!

13. Watch harness racing in Charlottetown and Summerside.

Barrett & Mackay / Getty Images

Grab your wide-brimmed hat and head to the track to witness a fast-paced, exciting Island tradition. Betting optional, cheering required.

14. And finally, grab a chair and a book and sit yourself down by the sea -- with no intention of getting up anytime soon.

Joe Potato Photo / Getty Images

Relax. There's always another adventure to be had tomorrow. ;)

These activities aren't the only ways to spend your Prince Edward Island vacation! Plan your stay and get ready for all the experiences that will be at your fingertips.