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8 Aussie Animals That Can Take A Better Selfie Than You!

We know you don't need much convincing to pack up and start your adventure Down Under - the sun, the surf, the endless opportunities to snap that perfect selfie... Here are 8 of Australia's finest to help you get that winning shot!

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Angles are everything!

Via Matt Glastonbury

Make sure the light is just right!

Via Pelkaphoto

Find your good side!

Via Kara Murphy/

Come on out of your shell.

Via Catlin Seaview Survey

Bat those eyelashes.

Via Lisa Hatzimhail Photography

Watch out for photobombers!

Via Tatiana Štolcová

Strike that pose!

Via Featherdale Wildlife Park

...and when all else fails, keep shooting 'til you get that winning shot!

Via Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Now that you're a certified selfie pro, all you have to do is get here!