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This Is Why You Should Say "F*ck Resolutions" In 2022

The ultimate adventure experience Tough Mudder is encouraging you to say "f*ck it" this year by getting out there, grabbing life by the balls, and signing the #fckresolutions pledge.

New Year's resolutions are so last year. It's 2022, and instead of making some restricting promise to yourself that you probably won't keep, why not say "f*ck it" and instead join Tough Mudder in committing to a year of adventure?

A group of friends pose after a Tough Mudder event

Check out the New Year's resolutions these influencers refuse to be restricted by:

Why play it nice when you can chase after all the things you want?

Don't hit the gym. Get outside!


Screw the gym 🖕🏼 catch you outside on an adventure this year instead! 🤘🏼 #fckresolutions @toughmudder #adventure #optoutside #adventuretime

♬ Fck Resolutions by Tough Mudder - Tough Mudder

Fad diets? No thank you.


F**K the FAD DIETS! Wholesome food and exercise is all you need! Who agrees? #fckresolutions @toughmudder

♬ Fck Resolutions by Tough Mudder - Tough Mudder

When Dry January is no match for you.

You could be grounded and play it safe...or you could be a risk-taker.


#fckresolutions in 2022 let’s live the life we want to live 🙌🏻 @Tough Mudder

♬ Fck Resolutions by Tough Mudder - Tough Mudder

Dieting in any way, shape, or form is not a New Year's vibe.


Still gonna be munching post hike no matter what! Diets can suck it 🥰 @toughmudder #fckresolutions #dietculture #hiketok #toughmudder #newyearsresolution

♬ Fck Resolutions by Tough Mudder - Tough Mudder

When you just want to have fun and party it up.

Want to take the anti-resolution pledge for yourself? Head to and adventure through 2022 with the leading global obstacle course experience Tough Mudder.