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If The Holidays Were Like Wireless Plans

Deck the halls with...wait, what do you mean it only comes in a 30-pack? You don't sell just one holly bough at a time? With Total Wireless you #DontGetOversold. See what the holidays would be like with the other guys…

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1. Not being able to put the tree up without a credit check.

Christopher Kimmel / Getty Images

2. Paying to open your own presents.

M_a_y_a / E+ / Getty Images

3. Giving a gift to your hubby, but having to return your kids' gifts because they're not included in your plan.

Dirk Lindner / Cultura / Getty Images

4. Getting a book that's just a collection of fine print.


5. Signing a contract that says you'll eat dinner here for two years.

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6. You get to eat as much as you want at dinner, but leftovers aren't allowed.

Thinkstock / melissabrock1

7. Paying extra when the conversation with Grandma goes on too long.

Jason Swain / Moment / Getty Images

8. Buying a box advertised as the only lighting system your entire house will need, but opening it to find a string of barely functioning holiday lights.

Jason Sweeten / BuzzFeed

9. Getting fined when you decide to head home early.

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10. Getting everything ready to roast a turkey, but being told you can't unless you also get a whole ham, a pumpkin, and a new table.

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