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The 14 People You Always Meet While Waiting In Line For That New Thing

Some people are really into waiting in line for new stuff. But some of the best tech out there won't make you wait. So when you get done standing in line, check out Toshiba's Encore Tablet.

1. The Guy Who Took a Sick Day / Via Paramount Pictures

Primary Identifier: T-shirt pulled over work clothes; constantly checks for emails from "the boss"; not sick, probably sweating.

2. The Guy Who's Not Cold

Primary Identifier: silent, shivering, could be wearing clothes? (Hard to tell what's under that blanket.)

3. The Overly Prepared Campers

Clive Brunskill / Via Getty Images

Primary Identifier: hoards great quantities of sleeping bags, space heaters, laptops, BBQ grills, and wait... is that a mini fridge?

4. The Real-Estate Agent

Primary Identifier: shifty, always looking ahead, often with a big coat (where the money is stored that they plan to use to buy your spot in line).

5. The DIY Campers

Joe Raedle / Via Getty Images

Primary Identifier: Lies on plastic chairs, on traffic cones, on the cold cement, with little to no shelter, almost always asleep.

6. The Wonder Kid / Via ABC

Primary Identifier: brims with excitement, decked out in memorabilia, but hyper-vigilant, convinced you are going to steal the money they've been saving for months.

7. The One That's Not Going to Make It

Primary Identifier: yawns a lot, always leaning on people and/or things, complains about hunger, but has no food, probably wears UGG boots.

8. The Lifers

Joe Raedle / Via Getty Images

Primary Identifier: laid-back, not concerned about the line, just in it for the ride, often found playing board games.

9. The One Who Makes It All About Capitalism

Jake Russell Tapleshay / Via BuzzFeed

Primary Identifier: wears annoying glasses, knows everything that's wrong with corporate greed... and Wall Street... and globalization... and this new thing they're about to buy.

10. The One Who Can't Believe It's Taking This Long

Primary Identifier: has a headache from obsessively checking the clock then rolling their eyes.

11. The Dude with Nothing Better to Do

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Primary Identifier: an oversized hoodie and a backpack, doesn't know what he's waiting for, but he's getting paid $20 to wait for his friend, so... it's not like he had anything else going on today anyway.

12. The Story Time Stranger

Primary Identifier: inviting smile, has a cousin who looks just like you, will not stop talking, can appear in any form.

13. The One Who Was Just Passing By

Primary Identifier: has no idea why they joined the line, but is somewhat concerned about losing their spot. Anything worth waiting this long for must be good, though, right?

14. The One Who Dressed to Impress

Kiyoshi Ota / Stringer / Via Getty Images

Primary Identifier: knows everything about the thing, live tweets about the line for the thing, comes dressed exactly like the thing.

Never wait in a tech line again.

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In a tech world gone wrong, it's nice to know that Toshiba gets it right.