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Top Seven Classic Holiday Snacks

Seven yummy treats to get you into the holiday spirit.

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7. Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Dipping this savory snack into some melted chocolate turns it into a perfect treat for all ages. They are even easy to wrap up and hand out to those people aren't worthy enough for a gift, but you still feel obligated to give them something.

6. Holiday Bark


A classic that has been around forever! There are lots of different ways to create this yummy snack but most do it with some white chocolate and peppermint. Here's a bunch of ways to mix and match this snack:

5. Reindeer Food


A festive take on a simple Chex Mix snack! Just add a few more ingredients and your boring old Chex Mix is now a magical treat! Learn how here:

3. Sugar Cookies


Sugar cookies aren't only a favorite to eat but a favorite to create! Decorating this snack with colorful icing and candy is the best part! This is a recipe everyone will enjoy:

1. Hot Chocolate


Everyone's favorite Winter treat that can be topped with marshmellows, whipped cream and more. Sitting by the Christmas tree with a steaming mug in your hand is the great way to end any day.

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